How Great Thou Art – Free Piano Sheet Music

How Great Thou Art  Free Piano Sheet Music

This section provides information on how to access free piano sheet music for the hymn ‘How Great Thou Art’.

Having access to free and accessible sheet music can help both beginner and experienced players practice and learn the timeless hymn at their own pace.

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About “How Great Thou Art”

“How Great Thou Art” is a popular Christian hymn from Sweden in the 19th century. It has been translated into many languages and is now loved by people all around the world.

The song is a grand tribute to God and His creation.

You can find “How Great Thou Art” sheet music for the piano on the internet. It’s simple enough for both beginners and advanced pianists.

The song is both inspiring and perfect for worship. “How Great Thou Art” is a timeless hymn that won’t ever go out of style.

1.1 History of “How Great Thou Art”

“How Great Thou Art” was written by Swedish pastor Carl Gustav Boberg in 1885. He was moved by a beautiful thunderstorm he witnessed in his hometown, so he wrote a nine-stanza poem titled “O Great God“. This poem was later set to music.

In the 1950s, evangelists and missionaries in the United States adapted the song and introduced it to their congregations. It has since become one of the most beloved hymns in Christian worship. It has been translated into many languages and covered by various artists.

If you want to play “How Great Thou Art“, free piano sheet music can be found online. There are also tips and tutorials to teach you how to play it.

1.2 Inspiration behind “How Great Thou Art”

The origin of the popular hymn “How Great Thou Art” dates back to a Swedish pastor’s amazing experience in nature.

In 1885, Carl Boberg walked home from church and saw a thunderstorm over Mönsterås bay. In spite of the chaos, he sensed God’s power and the presence of His greatness. This inspired him to write the poem “O Store Gud” (“O Great God”).

Decades later, British missionary Stuart K. Hine spotted the poem and translated it into English. He also added his own verses.

Nowadays, “How Great Thou Art” is one of the most famous hymns worldwide and has been covered by different types of music artists.

Pro tip: If you want to play it on the piano, find free sheet music online.

1.3 Overview of the Hymn

“How Great Thou Art” is a popular Christian hymn that started in Sweden in the late 19th century. The lyrics celebrate the greatness of God. If you’d like to play it on the piano, there’s free sheet music available. It’s suitable for beginners and advanced players. It’s an enjoyable way to improve piano skills, and also helps people connect with their faith.

Sheet Music for Piano

“How Great Thou Art” is a beloved hymn. You can easily play it on the piano, using free sheet music available online.

The sheet music is in Ab Major, with melody and chords. It’s arranged for different levels, so both beginners and pros can join in.

To play, start with the left hand playing 4-bar chords. Then, add the right hand melody. As you become more familiar, try arpeggios, grace notes, and rhythms.

Playing the hymn brings a sense of peace, joy, and inspiration. So, get the sheet music and give it a go!

2.1 Free Piano Sheet Music for “How Great Thou Art”

Need to get your hands on some free piano sheet music for “How Great Thou Art”? Worry no more! The ever popular hymn “How Great Thou Art” is available as a free piano sheet music download. It’s perfect for pianists of all skill levels.

Check out these websites:


Search for “How Great Thou Art piano sheet music”. You’ll find a PDF file that you can download, print and play. Enjoy the musical glory of this hymn!

2.2 Description and Level of Difficulty of the Sheet Music

“How Great Thou Art” sheet music is free! It’s “intermediate” in difficulty. You need skill to play the chords and rhythms. But, the notes are written big and spaced out for beginners.

The sheet music has notation for both hands, plus chord symbols for guitar and other instruments.

Intermediate pianists can enjoy learning this hymn. And, beginners can use it to build their skills.

2.3 Tips for playing “How Great Thou Art” on Piano

Want to play “How Great Thou Art” on the piano? Here are some tips:

  1. Learn the chords: G, C, D, Em.
  2. Begin slow, then speed up as you feel comfortable.
  3. Concentrate on the melody and chords + rhythm.
  4. Change up the dynamics. Make some sections louder or softer for contrast.

With these guidelines, you can practice and put on a great show. Search online for free sheet music to help you out.

Learning “How Great Thou Art” on Piano

“How Great Thou Art” is a popular hymn which you can learn to play on the piano. To start, search for “How Great Thou Art piano sheet music” online. Websites such as and offer free sheet music. Download and print it.

Focus on hitting the correct notes and playing in time with your right hand. Then, add in left-hand accompaniment, like chords and arpeggios. Start slowly and then increase the tempo until you can play the whole hymn.

To master the piece, practice regularly. Pro tip: begin by practicing each hand separately and in small sections, before attempting to play with both hands together.

3.1 How to Read Piano Sheet Music

Learning how to read piano sheet music is essential for aspiring pianists. Here’s a guide to help:

  1. Get to know the staff – five lines and four spaces that represent different musical notes.
  2. Know the types of notes – quarter notes, half notes, and whole notes.
  3. Learn time signatures – they tell how many beats in each bar.
  4. Recognize symbols and markings – dynamics, tempo, expression.
  5. Practice sight-reading – like simple melodies and chords.

When you’re comfortable reading piano sheet music, you can start playing songs like “How Great Thou Art“. Free piano sheet music can be found online to practice and perfect your skills.

3.2 Steps to Learning “How Great Thou Art” on Piano

Step 1: Get to know the sheet music. Before playing “How Great Thou Art” on the piano, learn the sheet music. It has the melody and the chords.

Step 2: Practice the right-hand melody. After you know the sheet music, practice the melody with your right hand. The left hand stays still.

Step 3: Play the left-hand chords. After the right-hand melody, add the chords. They give harmony and rhythm. Start with C Major, F Major, G Major, and A minor. Then use more complex ones.

Step 4: Play both hands. When you can play the melody and chords, play them together. Start slow and speed up.

Take breaks and practice to learn the song.

Pro Tip: Once you can play it, make it yours. Add your style and improvisations.

3.3 Troubleshooting Tips for Learning “How Great Thou Art” on Piano

Having trouble learning “How Great Thou Art” on the piano? Here are some tips to try:

  1. Begin slow. Break the song into parts and practice at a slower speed. Then, gradually speed up as you become more familiar with each part.
  2. Focus on the melody. Make sure you are playing it correctly as it will be the foundation.
  3. Work on the chords. Once you have the melody, practice transitioning between chords.
  4. Use the correct fingers. This will make playing smoother and more efficient.
  5. Practice often. Consistent practice is the key to mastering any song on the piano.

Follow these tips and you’ll be able to play “How Great Thou Art” confidently soon!

Other Resources for Piano Players

“How Great Thou Art” isn’t the only sheet music for piano players. Check out these popular resources:

  1. MuseScore – A platform to share sheet music with other players.
  2. Virtual Sheet Music – Get free and paid sheet music for all instruments.
  3. Musicnotes – Buy sheet music or find free pieces.
  4. 8notes – Choose from classical, pop, and jazz sheet music.

No matter your level, there’s something for everyone!

Pro tip: Always read reviews and check accuracy before you start playing.

4.1 YouTube Tutorials for “How Great Thou Art” on Piano

Mastering “How Great Thou Art” on the piano can seem challenging, but YouTube tutorials can make it easier. Here are four popular tutorials that guide you:

  1. Piano Keyz – Segments broken down with graphics and tips for beginners.
  2. HDpiano – Walks you through the whole song with fingering and dynamics.
  3. Pianote – For intermediates, with arpeggios and pedaling.
  4. Worship Piano Tutorials – Focus on melody and harmony, ideal for playing with a worship band.

Follow these free tutorials to improve piano skills and play “How Great Thou Art” confidently!

4.2 Additional Piano Pieces for Beginners

“How Great Thou Art” is a beautiful and popular hymn. It’s easy to learn on the piano with the free sheet music online. Here are some additional pieces for beginners:

  1. “Für Elise” by Beethoven: A classical piece. Recognizable and simple. Unique melody. Impressive.
  2. “Moon River” by Mancini: An easy-listening classic. Dreamy melody and simple chords. Perfect for beginners.
  3. “Heart and Soul” by Carmichael: An upbeat, fun tune. Uses only a few simple chords. Perfect for playing with a partner.
  4. “Let It Be” by The Beatles: A famous song. Easy to learn. Simple chords let beginner pianists focus on the melody and lyrics.

4.3 Best Practice Techniques for Piano Players

Practicing piano can be tough, but these techniques can make you better! Here are 4.3 tips for piano players:

  1. Scales & Arpeggios: Start slow & gradually increase the tempo. This will help finger dexterity, technique, & speed.
  2. Practice in chunks: Break the music into sections & practice them until you master them. Then, put ’em together to play the whole piece.
  3. Metronome: Use a metronome to keep a steady beat while practicing. It’ll improve timing & rhythm.
  4. Finger strengthening exercises: Do exercises like Hanon exercises to master finger independence & strength.
  5. Record yourself: Listen to recordings of yourself to find areas of improvement. This will help your musicality & playing skills.

Pro tip: Set goals, practice, & have fun! Enjoy the process of learning & playing piano.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where can I find free piano sheet music for “How Great Thou Art”?

You can find free piano sheet music for “How Great Thou Art” on several websites, including,, and

2. Is the sheet music for “How Great Thou Art” suitable for beginners?

The difficulty level of sheet music for “How Great Thou Art” varies depending on the arrangement. Some arrangements are easier than others and may be suitable for beginners with basic piano skills.

3. Can I modify the sheet music for “How Great Thou Art” to fit my own playing style?

Yes, you can modify the sheet music to fit your own playing style. However, be sure to credit the original artist and obtain any necessary permissions before sharing your modified version.

4. What is the time signature of “How Great Thou Art”?

The time signature of “How Great Thou Art” is 4/4, meaning there are four beats in each measure.

5. Can I play “How Great Thou Art” on a keyboard or digital piano?

Yes, you can play “How Great Thou Art” on a keyboard or digital piano. Simply follow the sheet music and adjust the sound settings to your liking.

6. Is there a specific way to play “How Great Thou Art” to make it sound more emotional or expressive?

Yes, there are several techniques you can use to make “How Great Thou Art” sound more emotional or expressive. These include using dynamic changes, adding vibrato or tremolo, and emphasizing certain notes and phrases.